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Wherever you might be right now on your journey through life, we have a variety of services available to help you reach your potential -body, mind and spirit. Together, we are continuing on our own journey of spirit and would love to assist you on yours.


We have several options available. Please contact us to discuss and schedule your session.
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Our Story

Our interest in metaphysics and alternative therapies started nearly 25 years ago when Wes was battling cancer and ramifications of a blood clot that went undetected.

An Overview Of Our Services


“I had the pleasure of hosting Kathy and Wes to do readings for a Metaphysical Fair at my shop. As customer after customer left visibly moved and impressed with the information imparted to them by the Kubackis, it became clear to me that I needed a reading of my own.

I had an Akashic Record reading with Kathy and was gifted with some great insight. Kathy was able to key in on some things that gave me a new understanding about some circumstances in my life. The information she was able to impart made it easier for me to find a clear direction forward. Plus she has a gentle kindness that makes the experience a very loving, nurturing treat.

I highly recommend her.”

Tam Grant

Sandalwood Stone

“About a month ago, my mother and I went to Kathy to have our Akashic Records Read. I read into it a little before going, but I still didn’t have a general understanding of what to expect. I am very busy and I am doing a lot with my life. I am getting into fitness and health, I run my own business with different branches of digital media within it. One of the questions I was hoping to have answered was ‘what should I do?‘ My mother and I were talking about it on our way there and I said ‘maybe I should do it all.’ So, as Kathy began my reading, she touched on a lot of things that made sense to me, things that nobody would really understand aside from myself. She picked up on the idea that I let people get to me, and let things bother me and after thinking about it, it made complete sense to me. After hearing that, I began to work on that, and I am much happier because of it. Kathy did answer my question during the reading and she said it word for word “do it all.” I am continuing to do everything and it is going very well and I am enjoying it! She was able to answer my questions through the Akashic Records and it was an amazing experience. I would highly recommend this to anybody! It is not only satisfying to get answers that you desire but it was also interesting to learn my history in past lives and such. I have been to mant forms of readings but this one, for me, is by far my favorite. I will definitely be back for another one and I hope anyone else who questions it should give it a try! It is an experience you will truly enjoy.”
Cameron Felice

Sandalwood Stone

Dear Kathy,

“Thank you so much for the wonderful healing session on the John of God bed. Besides having a relaxing hour of peace I also experienced many wonderful things.

First, as you know, my upcoming appointment was on my mind. This motivated me to seek out an alternative means of healing and I was not disappointed. Before my session, I was a tad anxious about my medical condition. After lying on the bed I had no concerns about my upcoming appointment or the results.

During the session, I experienced many angelic beings with me. They were with me the entire time and gave me much comfort and relief. I also felt they were communicating with me on many different levels. Their message was loud and clear to remain positive and continue to spread the message of love to everyone I meet. I feel that you and Wes have made your office a sanctuary for all of your clients to allow them to communicate with their spirit guides and protectors. I know that I had an intense experience communicating with mine during my session.

My experience also gave me an enormous feeling of peace. I know I entered your office with a positive upbeat feeling. When I left I felt that I was riding with the angels in the clouds. I no longer was dreading my appointment as I feel the results will be positive. During my treatment I specifically worked on releasing any negative feelings from aura and body. I did feel all of that leave my body and felt that it was replaced with loving and spectacular positive vibrations in every essence of my spiritual being.

I am so thankful that you have taken the initiative in getting this bed and being certified to heal people with this modality. It was truly an amazing and restorative hour. I cannot wait to have my follow up appointment with you!

Thank you again for being a Light Worker and Healer. You are truly amazing.

Bright Blessings

P.S. – Great News! Just a little cyst removed fluid. I am convinced that the session did it.”

Jean Hinzmann

I received a certificate to have a reading with Kathy dealing with the Akashic Records. Not knowing what it was all about, I was intrigued to hear what Kathy had to say. It was amazing! Kathy had it on so much that had been happening in my life and things that did not make sense to me finally now made sense. I would highly recommend this reading to anybody who has the chance to do it. It helped me so much and Kathy was amazing!
Tina Felice