Heart Spring

Our Story

Our interest in metaphysics and alternative therapies started nearly 25 years ago when Wes was battling cancer and ramifications of a blood clot that went undetected.

When Wes was going through chemotherapy, we went to every treatment together and approached it as a team. I made sure he listened to Louise Hay’s work on cassette tapes, the MP3 of that time. I wrote affirmations that we both repeated all the time. Some days we made it a game….chemo was PacMan eating the cancer cells. We were learning that the mind is very powerful and that was our first taste of setting intentions.

When we were nearly at the end of the chemo journey life dealt one more blow. It was discovered that Wes dropped a clot that blocked the popliteal artery behind his knee which drastically reduced the circulation to his foot. Doctors thought the might lose his foot. It was Christmas Eve, our daughter was 18 months old and we were spending Christmas in the hospital waiting to see what would happen. All the while, I kept repeating to him “use your mind”. When doctors said he was going to lose his foot, I said “use your mind. What do YOU see?” To make a long story short, he didn’t lose his foot. He did lose the two toes that were severely affected but more importantly…he beat cancer and he can walk!

That was our baptism by fire into the world of endless and amazing possibilities. That was where we began to learn about focused thought, affirmations, alternative medicine, energy work and so much more.

After Wes recovered, he returned to teaching and I grew increasingly interested in mind body medicine. I knew in my soul that we were spirit spending time in a physical body. I went to massage school in 1996 and continued studying the body mind connection. I studied aromatherapy and Theta Healing, and became certified in The Pathway Process for Reading the Akashic Records. Wes and I both
became certified in Hypnosis, Reconnective Healing and IET and took many metaphysical classes, and mediumship development classes to open neural pathways to limitless potential and possibilities. We look at it as an adventure we are on together and a discovery process that seems endless. We invite you to join us. Allow us to help you find your possibilities….your hearts desires.