Past Life Regression Therapy in Geneva, NY

Past Life Regression Session at Heart Spring
Past Life Regression in Geneva, NY

Heart Spring offers Past Life Regression Therapy in the Geneva, New York area. If you have been looking for a qualified, reliable expert in Past Life Regression techniques, look no further.

I offer a type of Past Life Regression called QHHT, (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique), based on the work of Dolores Cannon and the method she developed over 40 years of doing past life regressions. This method has been used as a vehicle for physical, mental and emotional healing through contacting the Higher Self and bypassing the ego in a Theta Brainwave state which is a deeper level of hypnosis than is used for the usual hypnosis sessions involving weight reduction and habit reformation. Habits that do not serve our highest good can usually be addressed during the session.

My studies over the last 40 years makes me feel certain that as eternal souls, we have been coming and going, in and out of earthly lives since the beginning of time. The purpose for this deals with the evolution of our soul. I like to think of it as “Earth School.” We have chosen to experience a multitude of lives to learn our own lessons and to help others learn as well.

All of this being said, I caution: Learning about past lives should never take the place of living in the present moment. I like to think of a past life regression as a tool of understanding. For example, the first past life regression I ever had, was a group regression, a few years ago. I was a boy in what felt to be the 1920’s. I lived on a large farm in the Midwest. I was deaf and mute. It was a relatively short life, but the enlightenment I received pertaining to this life was very valuable. In a nutshell, I usually had a very visceral and disproportionally upsetting reaction when I felt I “wasn’t being heard” by my closest loved ones. I say “had” because now, it really doesn’t bother me anymore. Now I understand the origin.

Past Life Regressions can be done privately, or in a small group, in our Geneva, New York office. Always interesting, a Past Life Regression can bring about an awareness of self that is useful in changing habits or patterns we wish to change or simply understand.